• Novatek [ES]


    Novatek [ES] started djing in 1993, winning his first DJ Contest. Taking part in various radio shows on RTN and acting as a music critic for the Partynews magazine. His first records were released in 2001 on Protechtion Recordings (Vynil format). Since then he has shared the DJ booth with lots of well known international artists like Clé, Mathias Schaffäuser, DJ Misjah, Ben Long, Laurent Hô, Deetron, C-Denza, Al Ferox, Mark Verbos, Robert Natus, Marcel Woods, DJ Noise, Steve Murano and many more... Novatek [ES] is defined by his realistic and original techno sound, dark and danceable. His influences come from Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schultz to LFO, Derrick May, Jeff Mills and Robert Hood. His productions clearly reflect these influences. Some may sounds dark and powerful and others are influenced by sounds and melodies from the 80’s. The first track released by Novatek [ES] on Novatekmusic is called “Updating” and has been already remixed by Peerk from The Yellowheads. 

    In 2018, Novatek [ES] has been released on Pornographic Recordings and is promoting his party called OBSCURE.

  • Raul Del

    Raul Del was born in Madrid in 1979, a great fan and over of electronic music since he started to go to the club Voltereta, at only 16 years old, at the Oscar Mulero dance sessions, DJ Bonn and DJ Muerto, playing such music as techno sound and Berlin acid techno, which at that time was heard in very few places. His first electronic sources were, Oscar Mulero, Jeff Mills with The Purpose Maker and Richie Hawtin with Minus Orange, since then he has done nothing more than absorb more and more in an endless world of sounds. Raul Del is a great fan and lover of the rave and underground movement and has been playing music for over 15 years and has taken his sessions to various different parts of the world, such as Argentina and India, his sets go from the most danceable and uplifting types of House to a more overwhelming mind blowing style of Techno. Nowadays he lives between Spain and Asia and is deeply involved in the world of electronic music production, bringing several styles to the main stream on different electronic labels such as Yousel, Carypla or Novatekmusic.

  • Peerk

    Peerk (member of The Yellowheads), an artist from Cartagena playing in more than 20 different countries in the last few years, hundreds of booths spreading across the globe and thousands of productions. Creating the list of experience seen above, making him able to reinvent certain styles that have marked his growth as a professional producer and DJ. His philosophy of returning to his roots is giving him an edge in the world of electronic music, without even having to mention his other aliases. The Acid House, Electro Class and Techno nuances are his weapons when facing any type of booth, either in a Club or at a festival. The experience, determination and vision beyond all fashionable music, make Peerk an indispensable element at any event or party. ”You have to live in the moment”, as his philosophy dictates “and what a better way than with the only timeless tool we know, music!”. He has recently been nominated for the Vicious Music Awards in techno music for his TYH project.

  • Quantum Computer Code

    Quantum Computer Code biography coming soon...

  • #009

    Quantum Computer Code - Periodic EP
  • #008

    Novatek [ES] - Updating (Peerk Remix)
  • #007

    Raul Del - 4 Moons
  • #006

    Raul Del - Komorebi
  • #005

    Novatek [ES] - Reign Of The Machines
  • #004

    Novatek [ES] - 80's Spirit
  • #003

    Novatek [ES] - MIR
  • #002

    Novatek [ES] - Cyclic Redundancy Error/Going Insane
  • #001

    Novatek [ES] - Updating

    Novatekmusic presents OBSCURE

    OBSCURE, the parties celebrating the darkest side of Novatekmusic

    • OBSCURE comes back in august ready...

      "OBSCURE is pure techno music on its darkest side, both elegant and powerful."

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